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Tips for a happy, healthy summer!

As summer begins to take bloom, so does the taste of ice-cold lemonade, the sound of your children happily splashing in the pool and the comforts of a family picnic in the park. Children love summer, and the Earth’s Best® brand wants to make sure they can make the most of it by offering tips on how to make the summer a healthy and enjoyable one.

There’s nothing like fun in the sun, but there are certain measures you can take to ensure your kids stay healthy and energized.

There’s no doubt that water is one of life’s most important beverages beyond the infant years, but when your children want a change and you still want them to receive all the necessary nutrients, they can try our Earth’s Best Organic Tots® Juices. Your kids will love the natural sweetness of our Organic Apple Juice. This nutritious beverage is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains 100% pure juice from organic fruits. With their sweet taste and the ability to keep toddlers hydrated, the Organic Juices are sure to keep your little ones going strong this summer.

The warmer temperatures make colorful fruits and vegetables full of nutrients an inviting snack, and it’s important that your children get these nutritional benefits from seasonal fruits and veggies, but can also get them from convenient Earth’s Best® fruit and vegetable purees. As your family is traveling this summer, make sure your little ones get adequate Vitamin C from fresh fruit salad cut into small toddler-friendly pieces or fruit purees like applesauce. Older children can also try a delightful summer treat by adding fresh or jarred fruit topping to their favorite ice cream, we like Banana Blueberry puree.

By adding fruit and veggies kids may be able to maintain a healthy immune system and receive a boost of energy as they take part in your family’s summer activities.

Everybody loves getting a little sun, but too much can be dangerous no matter what your age. This is especially true with babies because of their sensitive skin, and when out in the sun, it’s imperative that you take the right precautions to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Next time your family heads on a summer outing, put a hat on your little one to protect his or her delicate skin from the sun. To make sure their whole body is protected, rub Earth’s Best® Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 30 on them to assure adequate coverage. This soft lotion contains oat oil, marigold extract and vitamin A to soothe and nourish the skin. Your children don’t know the sun contains harmful rays, and they won’t anytime soon because you’ve taken the appropriate steps to protect them from the hot summer sun.

The warmth of summer has a tendency to create diaper discomfort, which occurs when sweat collects around the waistline of the diaper. It’s sometimes hard to avoid, and that’s why we’ve created Earth’s Best® Diaper Relief Ointment. This fragrance-free formula contains aloe vera to comfort irritating diaper discomfort, especially during the hot summer months.

The summer sun exhibits marvelous beauty that can brighten your day, but it also has the power to dry out your skin. Just as you do, babies and toddlers experience dry skin when exposed to sunlight. It’s important for them to stay moisturized to prevent irritation and rashes. Earth’s Best® Everyday Lotion is a delicate lotion containing oat oil and beta glucan to moisturize and organic chamomile and marigold extracts to soothe. Applying this lotion to your child everyday will certainly keep their skin hydrated in the summer heat.

Going on a summer vacation is always enjoyable, and it’s even more fun when the Earth’s Best® brand provides everything for your baby too. That’s why we’ve taken Earth's Best TenderCare® Chlorine Free Baby Wipes and put them into a convenient travel pack. These wipes are never treated with chlorine bleach and are moistened with a gentle, natural lotion containing aloe vera and vitamin E. These soft cloth-like wipes are now ready to go with you anywhere this summer, keeping your baby’s delicate skin feeling fresh and clean.