Embracing Winter with the Family

Embracing Winter with the Family

All of us that live in the northeast have had to survive an unusually harsh winter. It seems that almost every day it snows, the potholes double in size and we are trapped in our homes. There is an upside to this, spending quality time with your family. The world seems to slow down, even stop on those cold winter days. You look outside your window, everything is white and nothing moves. I know and understand kids can become too active at home. As grandparents we must channel this energy into fun and learning activities.

Presidents weekend, my wife and I spent with our son’s family. He has two small children under the age of 26 months. They live in an area that receives a lot of snow. They do not complain about winter but rather embrace it. When we drove up the driveway we saw our son pulling our granddaughter on a sled in 2 feet a snow. She was sitting upright on the sled smiling and laughing. My son had a great work out. It is hard to walk in that much snow. Try running!

Afterwards they made a second snow man. For the eyes they used walnut shells, of course the nose was an organic carrot and the mouth was a melon skin. The snowman was not too tall, about the height of my granddaughter. The little guy ( that is how I refer to my grandson who is almost 1 one year old) was dressed in his snow suit watching all the action in my wife’s arms.

My children do not have a television set. They believe that viewing television, especially at an early age can be harmful to children. They believe that it offers too much visual stimulation to a child’s neurological system. Instead of sitting in front of a television we spend a lot of time reading to the children. My granddaughter is very engaged and thoughtful during reading time. We let her pick out the book and she sits quietly next to one us when we read her a story. We also read her a bedtime story before she goes to sleep.

Welcome to quiet winter days in the country.