Frozen Foods

Eating healthy isn’t just for babies.   Earth’s Best offers nutritious frozen versions of children’s favorite foods. These delicious foods are fortified with essential vitamins including iron, zinc and B vitamins, and most items are a good source of protein.  Plus, they are easy to prepare!  Kids love eating them and you’ll feel good knowing you are serving up great nutrition.

  • Breakfast - Frozen

    Earth’s Best Frozen breakfast foods can be a fun and delicious part of your family’s most important meal of the day – breakfast.  They are made with organic ingredients and specially formulated for growing children. Many items we offer contain 8g or more whole grains per serving.  Earth’s Best Frozen breakfasts are a perfect way to help children meet the USDA My Plate dietary guidelines.

  • Entrees & Pizza

    Made from organic whole wheat, organic tomato sauce and vegetables and packed with protein and fiber, Earth’s Best Frozen entrees and pizza offer tasty options that will help satisfy your children’s appetite and help meet their nutritional needs.

  • Frozen Meal Options

    Earth’s Best Frozen meal options are fortified with iron, zinc and B Vitamins.  Most items are a good source of protein, making them delicious and nutritious meal choices that are sure to be on your list of family favorites.