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Earth's Best Wishes Congratulations to all our winners!

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The Earth's Best With Just One Wish Sweepstakes, which ran from this January to March, gave Earth's Best parents the opportunity to share those hopes and dreams with friends and family, as well as, the chance to win some great prizes on behalf of Earth's Best!

Our Grand Prize winner was Nicole Johnson from Ohio, who received a $25,000 savings bond for her child. See all the sweepstakes winners below.

Thanks to everyone who participated, your wishes were truly touching. But, just because the sweepstakes has closed doesn't mean the fun is over! Parents, you can still create a customizable and printable wish for your child.

The Earth's Best Just One Wish Sweepstakes Rules


Grand Prize Winner First Prize Winners  
Nicole Johnson OH   Donna Stobar MI   LynNae Hill NJ    
      Beth Walker MO   Cara Metallo PA
Second Prize Winners
Crystal Zalazar TX   Jeff Baldwin CT   Shannon Nyhuis MI
Loretta Fortuna VA   Ruth Ross GA   Kim Pentland FL
Casey Smith VA   Crista Giuliani NY   Tracy D'Angelo IN
Erin Edwards WA   Beth Albright TN   Jasmine Eichelberger GA
Lisa Brown WI   Shannon Barlow VT   Samantha Murphy PA
Jan Summerton WI   Stephanie Jones WI   Michelle Aulisio CA
Kathy Lowrey AR   Farah Rhoads TX   Bob Evans PA
Veronica Hames CA   Brinton Culp PA      
Kim Schwarz CA   Christina Durant NY      
January Monthly Prize Winners
Tracey Hansen CT   Brenda Strickler TX   Jolynn Verwers WI
Sharon Shirlen NC   Jeanne Domerchie FL   Charlene Becker NJ
Laura Wirsig MO   Ann Marie Lupacckino PA   Kristen Bittel NJ
Wanda Epperson GA   Judy Schultz OH   Michelle Winch Jones FL
Bonnie Gluhanich MI   Jen Keats NC   Kendra Thompson IL
Elizabeth Simcock ME   Samantha Sherer GA   Irina Khaykin RI
Jacqueline Rowley CO   Kimberly Covert MI   Bekki Wilson WA
Crystal Cardin MA   Peter Anderson TN      
Myra Sutanto Shen CA   Michelle Kirley PA      
February Monthly Prize Winners
Julie Jones CT   Sara Quincer IL   Karissa Hughes VA
Kourtney Cox CO   Adriana Guglielmetti NJ   Judie Sissom TN
Heather Brinkley FL   Stephanie Mejia CA   Nancy Davis GA
James Vaughn KS   Beth Wong IL   Megan Smith PA
Patti Romanowicz IL   Yvonne Rorie MD   Kelly Lardin IL
Stephanie Skinner CA   Michele Fuchs NY   Stephanie Wimbush VA
Tony Saab WI   Sarah McMullen IN   Autumn Jung IL
Cortney Henry MN   Kelly Lardin IL      
Cristina Freda MA   Denise Alexander NJ      
March Monthly Prize Winners
Alicia LaGrassa PA   Morgan Schneider NC   Kris McLean MA
Thomas Sakers KS   Holly Schoenbauer MN   Abby Bernier AZ
Brock Galloway OH   Maria Kremsreiter FL   Elise Morris CA
Jennifer Herrington GA   Kate Carson CA   Abby Senkal SC
Jill Tighe RI   Kelly Doychinova IN   Norma Guillen CA
Kelly Pfeiffer CA   Sandi Hirschkom FL   Scott Hilleque TX
Myra Winans MO   Kathleen McClelland NY   Abby Pliskin PA
April Sweeney GA   Wendy Harrop WI      
Laura DeJong MI   Linda Ferri FL