Reuse and Recycle

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Let your creative juices flow.

There is no limit to the things you can do with empty Earth’s Best containers, so please feel free to submit unique projects of your very own on the Earth’s Best Facebook Page.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use empty jars to make fun snow globes – just add water, glue some fun figurines to the lid and add some glitter.
  2. Use empty Earth’s Best wipes tubs or cereal boxes as building blocks – have your child decorate them with their favorite color construction paper, fabric or paint to make them their very own.
  3. Use jars to store arts and crafts items, buttons, pins, and similar small objects.
  4. Store spices and herbs inside.

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Or, how about some of these creative ideas:

  • You can also make mini aquariums using the larger Earth’s Best jars. Fill the jars with blue water and small plastic plants, as well as some aquarium gravel. Then add small floating plastic fish and use a hot glue gun to seal the jars. These are especially fun for little ones fascinated by oceans and sea creatures! (Be sure to supervise little children when creating arts and crafts!)
  • Use them at your next Earth’s Best playdate! Wash jars of any size and paint each individual's name on them (or you could print labels, etc.) Fill the jars with water, place a flower in each and set it in the center of each plate. They brighten up any dinner table, and then everyone has a personalized flower vase to take home!
  • Use your old Earth’s Best jars to cut your children’s sandwiches - this is especially good for picky eaters who don’t like their crust. Remove the jar lid, turn the jar upside down and have your little one press it into their sandwiches for fun crustless rounds.
  • Put organic heavy cream in an empty Earth’s Best jar, shake it up (a fun way to blow off steam!) and enjoy homemade butter!
  • Introduce your little one to homegrown foods by creating your own herb garden out of old Earth’s Best jars. Just rinse, add potting soil and seeds and you have a fresh herb garden!
  • Decorate any size jar with ribbon or construction paper (have your child choose their favorite colors!) Then fill the jars with soil, add the flower bulb of your choice and voila — Earth’s Best jars become cute creative planters. Line the jars up on a sunny windowsill and watch them grow! Once spring arrives, you and your little one can transplant your bulbs in the soil outside together.