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Icon Plus My 2 year old granddaughter drinks water from her bottle as well as from cups. But she particularly loves to have a bottle with water up to 20 times a day. Could there be something wrong or is it ok to drink this much water?NEW!
Icon Plus Why do doctors say not to give infants any water and that the formula you mix with the water is enough for them?NEW!
Icon Plus When do I start to increase the quantity of my baby’s food at each meal occasion? When should I start giving my baby the whole jar (of what?) at each feeding?
Icon Plus Does breast milk or teething cause a runny stomach?NEW!
Icon Plus When should I introduce water to my child? What age? How much? How often per day?
Icon Plus My daughter is 8 1/2 months old. She does not crawl. She has teeth and I want to give her finger foods but I have heard that the baby should be crawling before introducing these foods. Is there a relation? She is not interested or trying to crawl at all.
Icon Plus Does the standard infant diet provide enough Vitamin D and if not, is there a supplement you recommend?
Icon Plus My baby boy is going to be 4 months old by the end of this week. Since he was born, he has been infected with the flu twice and the recent flu was really bad. He also has developed fever, congested cough and running nose. The sad part is I couldn't breast feed him so his immune system is very low. Could you please advice how can I help to boost up his immune system because I'm going start to him on solids. Your advice is very needed and appreciated. Thank you.
Icon Plus I breastfeed my 8 month old baby and have been receiving differing opinions about giving baby vitamins. My husband is concerned that she needs vitamin supplements, but I say that breast milk and Earth's Best baby foods will give her all the vitamins she needs — she eats fruits and vegetables, along with all varieties of cereals.
Icon Plus My daughter is 14 months old. She did not triple her birth weight by 12 months. She was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth. At 12 months she weighed 18 lbs 6 oz. My doctor told me to try Pedisure to help increase her intake. How many calories a day should she take in? Oh, she is 28 inches in length. She does not seem to want to eat foods she has to chew, with a few exceptions. She still wants to eat the 2nd stage baby foods. Seems everything we try, she won't eat. What do I do?
Icon Plus What are the "Pros" and "Cons" of Immunization"
Icon Plus If the baby has dry skin, minor cracking what is the best thing to use on "newborn" skin?