What Do Doctors Think

At Earth's Best, we are fortunate to have the support of many experts in the pediatric and nutrition fields. We partner with many healthcare professionals to provide you with the most up to date information and the most educated opinions.

Dr. Harold Raucher

Dr. Raucher knows that Earth's Best is a great brand, made with care and high quality. He loves that Earth's Best puts kids first by providing pure ingredient and wholesome nutrition.

From the start, Dr. Raucher felt that pediatrics best suited his personality. He loves kidding around with the children and getting to know their families. And for 25 years, he has been an integral part of the New York Medical Community.

Dr. David Helft

Dr. Helft believes that children who eat healthier, all-natural foods have better health in the future. He is always happy to recommend Earth's Best organic baby food to his patients. "Organic foods are great for infants and toddlers because they help minimize the amount of hormones and pesticides children are exposed to. We really don't know the long term effects of these chemicals on children."

As a solo practitioner in Florida, Dr. Helft likes to coach parents on best feeding practices for their infants and children. He always passes out the Earth's Best Infant Feeding Schedule.

Dr. Mranali Sawardekar-Patel

"It is wonderful that Earth's Best offers babies foods that are free of chemicals and that are not processed. Years ago, parents did not have these options. I will feed Earth's Best to my new baby."

A two-time mother, doctor's daughter and former child, as she refers to herself, Dr. Sawardekar-Patel is interested in not only infant health, but creating healthier habits for families.

Dr. Jennifer Saenz

A newly converted organic proponent, Dr. Saenz think parents should consider organic over conventional foods, "...the more you read, the more you become concerned about the hormones in conventional foods." Her patients' parents have also become more interested in organic foods.

For seven years, Dr. Saenz has practiced as a pediatrician and she currently heads the resident training program for a pediatric clinic in the L.A. area. "I became a pediatrician because I always knew I wanted to work with children. I also liked the idea of being an educator." An educator that teaches parents about the health and well-being of their children.

Healthcare Professionals provide valuable insight and knowledge for parents. Please tell us your ideastell us your ideas to help infants, toddlers or parents. We would love to hear from you.

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