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Morning Sickness - Causes & Treatment

By Dr. Austin Abramson


Morning sickness is a misnomer. It can occur at any time of the day or night. Mild nausea or even vomiting will not cause harm to the fetus or mother-to-be as long as she does not become dehydrated. Some pregnant women may not gain or even lose weight in the first trimester and this is acceptable if not extreme.


Mild nausea and vomiting can easily be treated by minimal changes in the diet and lifestyle. Small frequent meals may help to decrease symptoms. Avoid fried, fatty foods, which are harder to digest. Some pregnant mothers find that ginger or flat ginger soda helps smooth the symptoms of morning sickness. Antacids will also help decrease the acid reflux. Dairy products are difficult to digest because of their fat content. Try substituting soymilk for cow's milk. Soymilk is easier on the digestive system. Brands can be found that are calcium and vitamin D enriched.


Most cases of morning sickness are self-limited with minimal discomfort to the mom and with no harm to the fetus.