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Bring on Breakfast


Breakfast benefits a busy day for lots of reasons. But the biggest benefit isn't just from any breakfast, but from a nutrient rich breakfast.


Study after study, from as far back as the 1950s have consistently shown that children who eat a well-balanced, complete breakfast perform better academically than children who regularly skip breakfast.


But it isn't just eating breakfast that matters. What matters as much is the nutrition in that breakfast. Children who eat healthy breakfasts do better nutritionally than kids who skip breakfast. That's because it's practically impossible to make up for the missed nutrients at other meals.


Here are four simple ingredient guidelines for putting together the best breakfast:


  • Carbohydrate is the most important nutrient in the morning in order to re-supply the brain and muscles with glucose (blood sugar). After fasting all night, a growing child needs a fresh supply of glucose if they are to meet the day's challenges with mental and physical energy. Complex carbohydrates and fiber, like those found in Earth's Best Sesame Street Frozen French Toast Sticks or Frozen Organic Mini Waffles, digest slowly and act like time-release energy. And, unlike sugar-laden breakfast items such as sugary cereals or pastries which provide a quick energy high, and a just as quick low... slow release energy means the brain and body will be fueled right up until lunch time.
  • Protein is important to provide building blocks for growth, to spare the carbohydrate for energy use and to help kids feel full longer.
  • Fruit juice at breakfast is the best way to make sure your child gets their daily requirement of Vitamin C, and breakfast is a traditional time to serve juice or fresh fruit. A box of Earth's Best Tots Vitamin C Rich Juice is a great accompaniment to French Toast or Waffles.
  • Calcium and iron are needed in amounts that require several servings a day. If you miss calcium and iron at breakfast, it's hard to get in enough the rest of the day. A glass of milk, a cup of yogurt, or soy beverage for calcium, and fortified breakfast items such as Earth's Best Sesame Street Frozen Organic Mini Waffles, Frozen French Toast Sticks, or cereal for iron and other important nutrients helps ensure your child will get their daily requirements


Sesame Street Frozen French Toast Sticks are excellent nutritionally because they are full of healthy, complex carbohydrates, are a good source of protein, and one serving supplies plenty of the critical nutrients- iron, calcium, zinc, and several B vitamins.


Sesame Street Frozen French Toast Sticks are wonderful for toddlers who are learning to self feed, since they can be picked up and eaten as finger food. Likewise, they make a terrific, easy to fix after school snack and become even more nutritious when you dip them in some Earth's Best pureed fruit like Bananas Peaches and Raspberries.