For Kids

Eating healthy isn't just for babies! Earth's Best offers products such as organic milk and Sesame Street breakfasts, meals and snacks for your "big kid." Look for on-the-go options, like individually packaged apple sauces and whole grain bars, perfect for busy kids at school!

  • Earth's Best Sesame Street Snacks

    Sesame Street Snacks

    Healthy snack alternatives that are a wholesome way to meet children's nutritional needs.

  • Sesame Street Meals

    Sesame Street Meals

    Soups, pizza and frozen entrees that are convenient for parents and delicious and fun for kids.

  • Earth's Best Sesame Street Breakfasts

    Sesame Street Breakfast

    Great tasting organic french toast sticks, cold cereals, instant oatmeal and frozen mini waffles to fuel kids for the day.

  • Sesame Street Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies

    Sesame Street Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies

    Nutritious snacks made from organic fruit and real organic yogurt. Perfect for on the go.

  • Earth's Best Apple Sauce

    Apple Sauce

    A naturally sweet snack made with 100% organic apples to offer delicious taste and superior nutrition.

  • Fruit Wave Pouches

    Fruit Wave Pouches

    A delicious combination of organic fruits swirled together with either vegetables or sun flower seed butter.