Allergy FAQs

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Icon Plus I gave my daughter green beans for 4 days and she didn't have any problems so we moved onto peas. She developed little red bumps on her lips and her top lip looked a little swollen. She has eczema very badly and it also broke out on her face. I stopped the peas and moved to squash. Should I try the peas again? Do you think this was an irritation or an allergic reaction?NEW!
Icon Plus My baby seems to be allergic to rice and oatmeal cereal. He develops a rash after every time he eats it. Is there a chance that it is the formula I mix it with that is doing it...? His rash develops under his chin, throat, and upper chest area. Maybe the milk on the skin? Though, he drinks the formula without any problems. Is there another way I can get him enough iron at 5 1/2 mos. old? Thank you.
Icon Plus My child has eczema and it is getting worse. I now suspect the culprit is wheat, as she also gets a distended belly after eating wheat pasta and crackers. Can my pediatrician test for a wheat gluten allergy? Also, the problem is that her favorite foods are wheat pasta and crackers. Could you suggest some other toddler foods that are soft to chew that she may enjoy? She is 18 months and enjoys self-feeding finger foods.NEW!
Icon Plus I've been giving my son a lactose free formula for a few months now with great success. My doctors and many other people have told me that babies are not lactose intolerant. Both my husband and I are lactose intolerant though, and after giving many other formulas (except soy) without success (excess gas and fussiness) and then having so much success with this I am convinced he is lactose intolerant. My husband and I became lactose intolerant later in life so I'm not sure how it works in infancy. I was wondering what I can expect when trying to introduce new foods? He eats rice cereal and a fruit or vegetable together as a meal, once everyday. I'm concerned about introducing yogurt, cheeses and milk later. Is this a life long issue or should I attempt to give him these things on the regular schedule? Also what about giving soy milk, instead of milk after 12 mos?NEW!
Icon Plus My nine month daughter has had allergies to milk and soy. When is it safe to try yogurt due to the allergies? Also, when is a good time to switch from stage 2 to stage 3 foods?NEW!
Icon Plus My 10 month old has had rashes and dry patches in the creases of her elbows and knees since she was born, which I attributed mostly to sweating and the heat (we live in Florida). She has been breast fed exclusively, started solids at 6 months and started dairy at 8 months. I was recently told by someone that babies shouldn't begin eating dairy until after 1 year of age to avoid developing an allergy. I then stopped feeding her dairy for 2 weeks and the dry spots disappeared. Does this indicate she may have a lifelong allergy, or just a temporary one? And if I stop feeding her dairy, should I be concerned about her getting enough protein? (I still breast feed and very rarely give her poultry) How can I supplement the protein at this age?NEW!
Icon Plus Can you please describe an allergic reaction? My son is very fair and has sensitive skin, so I am having trouble distinguishing between heat bumps, too much detergent or "new food" allergy. What do I need to look for and is there a difference in "spit up" and food allergy 'toleration'? Thank you!NEW!