Baby Care

Earth's Best knows that a healthy lifestyle means more than eating pure and nutritious foods. So we offer a full line of all earth-friendly chlorine free diapers and wipes, and body care products made with organic ingredients for infants and toddlers.

  • Earth's Best Chlorine Free Baby Diapers

    Chlorine Free Diapers

    Available in seven sizes and made from only chlorine free absorbent materials that are NEVER treated with chlorine bleaching agents.

  • Earth's Best Potty Training Pants Products

    Potty Training Pants

    Earth's Best is proud to introduce our NEW line of TOTS Potty Training Pants with superior absorbency and no chlorine bleach.

  • Earth's Best Chlorine Free Baby Wipes

    Chlorine Free Wipes

    Thick cloth like wipes never treated with chlorine and moistened with a gentle, natural lotion containing aloe vera and vitamin E.

  • Sensitive Wipes

    Sensitive Wipes

    Specially made with oat oil, shea butter lotion and vitamin E to keep your baby's bottom clean and smooth.

  • Earth's Best Baby Body Care Products

    Oral Care

    Our all-natural oral care products safely and gently cleanse delicate gums and promotes strong teeth.