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The Importance Of Vitamin A


Vitamin A is vital for baby's normal vision development and promotes the health of cells, tissues and organs like the lungs, eyes, urinary and intestinal track. It  is one of many essential vitamins to help maintain theimmune system so that baby can stay healthy.


Vitamin A comes in two forms in food:

1. The retinol form is found in animal foods, especially liver, whole milk, egg yolk, and fortified dairy products.


2. In plant foods, vitamin A is a carotenoid, most commonly beta-carotene.  The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.  Deeply colored fruits and vegetables are high in beta-carotene.  Carrots, sweet potatoes, mangos, spinach, sweet peppers and papaya are some of the richest sources.


Many of Earth's Best baby foods contain foods rich in beta-carotene, such as Sweet Potato Cinnamon and Pears & Mangos.  The USDA recommends at least one daily serving of a carotenoid-rich food. You can choose from a wide variety of Earth's Best products to help meet your babies daily nutrient needs.