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Infants' Unpredictable Palates


The only predictable thing in feeding your baby is that things will change. For weeks your baby seems to prefer bananas, then refuses all but applesauce. Once you've stocked the cupboard with your baby's favorite stage 2 foods, they don't look as appealing as food on someone else's plate. Babies just want to grow up and move on. That's why it's good to try and be one step ahead.


Here is some information help:
  • Around seven to nine months, most babies begin to have a more mature chewing and swallowing ability and need to develop this new ability through practice.
  • Foods thicker in consistency and chunkier in texture are the best foods to practice with.
  • Baby's who aren't introduced to chunkier foods during this window of opportunity often have a more difficult time learning to eat table foods later on.


Earth's Best Third Foods
  • Third Foods help babies learn how to chew and swallow more 'grown up' foods with more sophisticated flavors, a thicker consistency and more 'chunks'.
  • Third Foods bridge baby foods and table foods.
  • Third Foods usually come in larger serving sizes to accommodate baby's growing appetite.
  • Third Foods are generally appropriate for babies from the age of seven to eight months and older.
  • After Third Foods move on to table foods. Be careful not to get stuck in Stage Three foods for lack of a pre-packaged next stage. To help you and your baby make the move to table foods focus on those flavors your baby enjoyed in infant foods when first introducing table foods. For example, if your baby loves carrot puree, offer some tender cooked small bits of cooked carrot from the table.
  • You don't have to go cold turkey. Generally a combination of baby foods and table foods will make a nutritious combination well into the early toddler months. For example, some small bits of tender ripe avocado or banana would make a good side to a dinner of Earth's Best Tender Chickenand Stars< or Earth's BestSesame Street Frozen Mini Cheese Ravioli can be a nutritious accompaniment to your child's favorite jarred vegetable.
  • Even after moving on to table foods, continue to incorporate iron fortified infant cereal into the morning routine. The iron in infant cereal is easy to absorb and important for optimum brain and nerve development.
  • As they grow older, babies become more selective and "picky". Therefore, make sure to establish a wide variety of foods in their diet as early as possible. Earth's Best Baby foods offer an extensive line to help build a nutritious and complete diet.