Feeding FAQs

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Feeding 4-6 Months

Icon Plus Why do doctors say not to give infants any water and that the formula you mix with the water is enough for them?NEW!
Icon Plus Tonight my wife and I introduced Earth's Best® rice cereal to our 4 month old. Is there any information you can give me on to how long it takes a baby to accept the concept of spoon feeding?NEW!
Icon Plus My baby is 5 months now. She takes 5-6 oz of formula 5 times a day. She has been taking cereal in the morning and at night 1 tbsp after the bottle. We were told to give the cereal after her bottle because milk is more important than solids at this age. I am also starting to introduce veggies. My concern is overfeeding. Should I replace the cereal in the morning or night and give the veggie instead? Or give cereal and a little bit of veggie? Is it true that if I give her solids before milk she wouldn't get the vitamins she needs from the milk?
Icon Plus Should I mix the cereal in the bottle? If not, why is it beneficial to spoon feed babies cereal?
Icon Plus My daughter is primarily breastfed, but has been eating solids for approx. 2 months (she is currently 6 months.). We have noticed her bowel movements changed to solid, almost rabbit poop like. At times when she bears down we know she is having one, but when she's done sometimes it's only a tiny bit (raisin like). Is she constipated? Other times there are several formed small poops in her diaper. -Never mushy anymore.
Icon Plus My daughter is 20 weeks and is starting rice cereal. Before the cereal, she was drinking 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours about 5 times per day. The instructions on the box of rice cereal say to mix 1 Tbsp of cereal with 4 Tbsp of formula. Do I take this formula from her bottle, or are these 4 Tbsp in addition to the 5-6 ounces in her bottle?
Icon Plus My daughter is 5 mo old and has been eating 1-2 tbsp of rice cereal a day for two weeks. I feed her the cereal then nurse. I have noticed that here nursing is much faster and I am not sure if she is getting enough. Do you recommend to feeding then nursing? I have her on a great schedule and I am nervous with introducing foods that she may stop sleeping through the night.

Feeding 7-9 Months

Icon Plus Why do doctors say not to give infants any water and that the formula you mix with the water is enough for them?NEW!
Icon Plus Is it alright to be giving our 7? year old small bites of food from our plates when we eat as a family for dinner? For example: Peas, mashed potatoes, noodles (cut up), rolls? I heard by 1 years old they should be eating what we're eating just in a modified version (more cut up).
Icon Plus My 7 month old is having a bit of trouble eating foods that require him to "chew". He eats stage 2 baby foods just fine. Is there anything wrong with waiting until he's a few months older to give him foods that are in pieces that he needs to chew?
Icon Plus My husband and I are vegetarians. (We do eat dairy.) We want to raise our daughter vegetarian too. Where can I find information on raising a vegetarian baby? Where will a baby 6 months old - 1 year old get protein?
Icon Plus My daughter is 7 months old. She is eating baby food at lunch and dinner. She drinks diluted juice from a sippy cup. I'm afraid my milk supply is running out because she isn't nursing from me as much. I try to pump but only get a couple of ounces now instead of 6-8. What can I do to increase my milk supply now or is it too late? She seems like she isn't getting enough from me anymore.

Feeding 10-12 Months

Icon Plus Why do doctors say not to give infants any water and that the formula you mix with the water is enough for them?NEW!
Icon Plus My 10 month old son that was born 6 weeks early rarely puts his toys or anything in his mouth. Everyone would joke around with me that he was the best baby. He knows how to hold small/tiny objects, and plays with them, but doesn't try to eat them. He enjoys eating the chunky texture foods; however, when it comes to feeding himself he doesn't have any interest. Please advise how I can teach my son that finger foods are edible? Also, should I be concerned by his delay?
Icon Plus How much cow's milk should my 12-month old be drinking? Also, she refuses to drink anything, even milk, if it's cold...is there a way to get her to accept cold liquids?
Icon Plus My 11 month old son won't eat solids. He does just fine with 2nd Foods, but, the he gags and usually throws up when given the 3rd Foods thicker meals. He will not swallow any form of table food. No bread, cereal O's, mashed potatoes, nothing, just his baby cereal and his 2nd Foods meals. Anything other than that brings on gagging and vomiting. What should I do?
Icon Plus My 12 month old refuses to sit in her highchair and pretty much won't let me spoon-feed her. In the short time she sits in her highchair she'll finger feed but most of the food is played with and very little actually goes in her mouth. She is still being breast fed which she continues to want to do VERY frequently. (Refuses a bottle or cup) Any suggestions regarding how to get her to eat more in the way of solids? She is a twin, born at 36 wks and her weight is on the low side. Thank you!

Feeding 13-24 Months

Icon Plus Is it safe for a toddler to eat seafood and shellfish?NEW!
Icon Plus Our daughter is thirteen months old and wants no part of table food, other than occasional small bites of a biscuit. For the most part she's not interested in even touching table food, let alone eating it. She's always been a good eater of baby food, and still prefers to be fed. We're looking for suggestions to make the transition to table food, knowing that the longer it takes, the harder it will be. Should we decrease the baby food and hope the natural hunger impulse causes her to reach out? Any ideas on what's causing her stubbornness? Thanks!
Icon Plus My baby is 11 months old and only weighs 16 pounds. She has taken to solids within the past month or so and seems to be very picky in what she will eat. As such, she doesn't get much variety in her diet - I feed her the foods that I know she will eat because she is so small, and I want her to eat as much she can. Also, she is not crawling or pulling up yet, should I be concerned?