Breast Feeding/Formula FAQs

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Icon Plus Does breast milk or teething cause a runny stomach?NEW!
Icon Plus My daughter is 8 1/2months old. The other day while nursing I had horrible pain. I thought it could be thrush, but now I am not sure. I noticed two small cuts on my areola and tonight I was in so much pain while nursing I was in tears and I had to pull my daughter off and found that one of the cuts was bleeding. It feels like she is biting me, but I know she is sucking and I hear her swallow. Please help, this hurts.
Icon Plus I have a 1 month old that is being breast feed right now and my milk is starting to slow down, although some days my milk comes back and is flowing like wine. My baby feeds often and sometimes for 45 minutes to an hour. I can't decide if I need to put her on formula or just keep trying with the breast. Please let me know what I should do. Should I give her formula to make her satisfied because she is not staying satisfied?
Icon Plus When should we introduce water to a baby and how much, is well water okay? My 7 month old is having a bit of trouble eating foods that require him to “chew”. He eats stage 2 baby foods just fine. Is there anything wrong with waiting until he's a few months older to give him foods that are in pieces that he needs to chew?
Icon Plus How much cow's milk should my 12-month old be drinking? Also, she refuses to drink anything, even milk, if it's there a way to get her to accept cold liquids?