Teething FAQs

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Icon Plus Does breast milk or teething cause a runny stomach?NEW!
Icon Plus My son refused to take his bottle for 6 days while he was teething with his 1st tooth. Once his tooth broke through his gums, he resumed feeding from his bottle. Now 2 weeks later, he is refusing the bottle again, and I am pretty sure I see another whitecap under his gum next to the tooth that erupted. Is it common for a 9 month old to refuse a bottle just because of teething? He has no problem with his solids or even sucking on his pacifier.
Icon Plus My son is 10 months old and he has 6 teeth I was wondering should I start brushing his teeth and if so how many times a day?
Icon Plus My son is 10 months old for the past week he has been going through the worst of cutting his two top teeth. For a few days he barely drank 16 oz. and refused his bottle. As long as he drinks from his cup he gets at least 16-24oz of formula along with solids and juice. Is it okay for him to be weaned to a cup this young assuming he still refuses the bottle after these teeth come in? Will it affect the development of his teeth?
Icon Plus My grandson is getting his first teeth. They are coming in yellow and appear to have pitting or holes in them. Is this serious, and what could be the cause?
Icon Plus My breastfed baby is 7 1/2 months old and happily eats some solids too. There are no signs of teething and I'm wondering if she lacks sufficient calcium. I also noticed she has very soft nails and now am worried if her bones are developing alright and not getting softer gradually, though, I haven't seen any particular sign that shows a problem with her limbs or motor development. I just think, increasing her calcium intake will help, that’s all. Is it ok to consider that and what foods are enriched with calcium, suitable for babies this age?