Fit and Healthy Holiday Tips

Fit and Healthy Holiday Tips

By Baby Boot Camp®

Baby Boot Camp(R) The holidays are filled with so much activity you may be tempted to give up your exercise regime. However, there are many ways to work up a sweat and keep the belt notch where it is, if not one less come January. By following these tips during the holiday season, you'll be strong and have energy to deeal with the unexpected visits, the parties and the shopping – and maybe even have a few minutes to yourself.

  1. When doing your holiday shopping, work up a sweat!
    According to the American Heart Association, you need 10,000 steps a day. Why not make all of those steps count at the mall?
    • Try to park far from the mall's entrance when possible. Park on the opposite side of the mall from where you will be shopping, and speed walk your way to the store.
    • Use the stairs! It is so easy to hop on an escalator, but try the stairs. If you're pushing a stroller, use the elevator, but the take an extra lap around the mall.
    • Wear a pedometer. If you've completed most of your shopping, window shop at a speedy pace until you reach your "magic number."

  2. Take a family bike ride (or snow romp) through your neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights.
    • Why not make it a family tradition to go on a bike ride or walk twice a week during the holiday season? Do it when everyone is home from school and work, just before dinner. You can make a game of whose house you like best or who has the most phenomenal decorations. It will provide great dinner conversation, and a special way to incorporate family time.
    • For safety when biking, everyone should wear reflective clothing, helmets and bike lights.

  3. Why not have caroling parties?
    • Gather a group to go caroling in the hillier neighborhoods. Create games to see who will get to ring the doorbell first to increase the pace.
    • Turn your caroling party inyo a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for everyone to gather: One candy cane, one Christmas card from last year, one jingle bell, etc. You'll be surprised at how much of a workout it is when competition is involved!

  4. When wrapping your gifts, take a break in between wrapping each gift to do exercises.
    • Make your gift wrapping more fun and energizing. In between each gift, complete a set of 12-15 repetitions of squats, push-ups, lunges or dips, or hold a plank for one minute.
    • Put on your favorite holiday flick to "time" your workout – and keep you in the holiday mood!

  5. Squeeze in 20-30 minutes to go for a run or walk by yourself.
    It is imperative to set aside a little "me time," as challenging as it may seem. If you can wake up 30 minutes earlier, run on your lunch break or bike after work, you will have more energy to get through all those parties – and offset those holiday treats. Carve it out of your schedule three times per week and you will truly make it through the holiday season with ease!