Healthy Habits for Life

What is "Healthy Habits for Life"?

Healthy Habits for Life is Sesame Street's program to help young children and their caregivers establish an early foundation of healthy habits. We harness the power and reach of Sesame Street to make overall health and well-being a crucial part of young children's development.

Families can find Healthy Habits for Life messages through the Sesame Street television series on PBS, books, magazines, DVDs, podcasts, live shows, and community outreach materials. They all feature children's favorite Sesame Street friends as they talk, sing, and dance about the importance of staying healthy every day! For more resources and information see Sesame Workshop's Healthy Habits for Life.

  • Sesame Street - Healthy Habits

    Tools to help your child stay on track with daily routines for good health.

  • Sesame Street - Healthy Recipes

    Make meal and snack time a treat with our healthy and fun recipes.

  • Sesame Street - Healthy Activity

    A great way to spend quality time with your family. Enjoy these ideas or create some new ones of your own!

  • Sesame Street Healthy Shopping

    Healthy choices start at the market. Include your child in this activity so they can be part of the fun.