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treasure baby
By: adelita garcia
moreno valley, ca
After having 4 kids i was sure I was done. But seven years went by and got pregnant again. Of course I couldn't believe it because I was taking birth control. I was shocked, I didn't want to start over, I was scared and I didn't feel ready for a new baby. Pregnancy was tough, I had an umbilical hernia, high blood pressure, and risk of having a miscarriage. So I had to be on bed rest and then came the depression for not being able to take care of my other children of course they were very very supportive. And finally the day came which was the most difficult delivery since the epidural didn't take away any of my pain away and it was a vaginal delivery. But when you look at that beautiful face, that smile, and those eyes I could say that it was all worth it and I would do it again. I love her so much. She's 4 months now and she is my little treasure baby and everybody loves her so much.She has so much hair people think it's amazing and beautiful. I love very much.