3 Tips to Handle Picky Eating with Ease

Oct. 10, 2018

Please always discuss any health and feeding concerns directly with your pediatrician.

We know, because we’re parents too. And like you, we’ve discovered how picky eating can be one of a parent’s toughest challenges on the path to inspiring a lifetime of good food choices. Here are top tips from our experts to help you handle picky eating with ease.

1.   Help your toddler arrive to mealtime with a healthy appetite. Picky eaters can often become “grazers” who nibble small amounts throughout the day. Try to set a predictable and positive eating routine with three meals and two nutrient-rich snacks, to help ensure you aren’t accidentally taking the edge off of mealtimes. 

2.   Offer new foods alongside tried and true favorites We’ve all been there - one day your little one loves Brussels sprouts, the next he shouts “no!” and refuses to take a bite. While frustrating, it’s a normal part of this stage. If your toddler doesn’t like a particular food, gently keep offering the food multiple times, and let your toddler see family members enjoying it, too. You can also offer other nutritious foods from the same food group in the meantime: another type of dark green vegetable, or a different type of cooked whole grain, for instance, will provide a similar set of essential nutrients for your little one. 

3.   Offer choices that you approve of. As your precious little one discovers his or her budding independence, you can minimize power struggles by framing food choices in a ways that sets him or her up for success. For instance, ask “shall we have peas or avocado for a snack?” rather than “what shall we have for a snack?”

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