Baby Food Jar Crafts

Give your recycling bin a break! Pull out all those Earth's Best® jars and use these miniature disposables as an awesome vehicle for creativity and fun. Whether crafting with a young child, making something to brighten a room, or give as a gift, there are many ways to repurpose these miniature jars into something more lasting.

Before you begin, remove the labels and use a warm, soapy water solution and a sponge to remove any remaining glue on the jars. Let the jars dry and then get to work on these fun and crafty projects.

  1. Spa In A Jar

    Thank others with a salt and sugar scrub to clean and beautify dirty hands and feet. Coarse salt, turbinado sugar, almond or coconut oil and your favorite essential oil are all that is needed to create this simple and functional gift. Paint the top and cover it with a small canning label to note the contents for the recipient. 

  2. Cake Cups

    When packaged in baby food jars no-bake cakes and puddings become a portable and easy treat. These are great for dinner gatherings where guests might want sample several different types of cakes or kid’s parties where portability is important – they're easy to bring to picnics or event spaces. No-bake cheesecake, pudding cake and ice cream cake can all be portioned into baby food jars and when finished with a bow around the rim make for a table full of beautiful desserts.

  3. Jar Baby

    Using pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and a glue gun, create a face on the front jar to give it a little character. Fill a jar with potting soil and bury a couple pinches of grass seed in the soil. Set the jar in a sunny location, remember to keep it moist and watch your jar baby grow.

  4. Centerpiece Touches

    Dip the bottom or all of several baby food jars in acrylic paint to create a colorful flair and use them as mini-vases or votive containers for table centerpieces. Perfect for a dinner party or child’s birthday party, these cute accents are more than easy to customize to match your decor. 

  5. Spice Them Up

    Skip store-bought salt and pepper shakers for your next camping trip or picnic, and repurpose baby food jars into homemade ones instead. Give the jars a coat of paint or stencil “salt” and “pepper” on them, use an awl to poke holes in the tops and you are ready to fill them and go on your adventure. 

  6. Water Worlds

    Snow globes are fun to make and a great craft to do with kids. Glycerin, epoxy glue, glitter and a couple of decorations are all that is needed to turn a jar into a fun and glittery world. Small toys make a perfect centerpiece for the snow globe, as do tiny trees and other knick-knacks. Affix the centerpiece object to the center of the lid with the epoxy glue and let it dry. Fill the jar with water, a couple generous pinches of glitter and a few drops of glycerin, close the lid tightly and shake the globe for a wonderfully simple snowstorm.