Turn Up the Flavor this Fall with Nourishing, In-Season Produce Picks for Your Little One

Sept. 25, 2017

At the Earth’s Best® brand, we believe that from the very first bite babies deserve nourishing fruits handpicked from  orchard, vegetables grown in nature’s organic soil, and foods that are produced without potentially harmful chemical pesticides or genetically engineered ingredients.


When you eat in-season there’s even more to love:

  • confidence you’re choosing foods picked at the peak of perfection and bursting with delicious flavor.
  • the excitement of discovering affordable options that will help build your baby’s blueprint to be a healthy eater for life
  • enjoying foods in-season plays an important role in preserving a vibrant local food economy that benefits people and our planet.



Try These 15 In-Season Picks this Fall:

As the weather turns colder, turn up the flavor at the high chair with tasty farmer’s market finds that are hitting their peak right about now. Here are some of our favorite in-season picks to help boost your tot’s taste bud adventure and pack essential vitamins, and minerals in every bite.

Fall Fruits Fall Vegetables
Cranberries    Butternut squash
Grapes     Broccoli
Pear Brussel Sprouts
Persimmon Pumpkin
Apples Parsnips
Pomegranates Sweet Potatoes
Kiwi Rutabaga

When you need a taste of the season in a pinch, dig into our delicious, seasonally inspired organic goodness for your little one:

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 3 Pumpkin Cranberry Apple Pouch

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 2 Apple Turkey Cranberry

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 2 Harvest Squash Turkey

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 3 Apple Plum Kamut® Fruit and Grain Pouch

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 2 Butternut Squash Pear Pouch

Earth’s Best Organic® Stage 2 Sweet Potato Cinnamon Flax and Oat Pouch