I don’t normally write to companies, but I felt I needed to write this. My baby was born 10 months ago and I breastfed for a couple months and got an awful case of mastitis and it pretty much dried up my milk supply! I had to start supplementing with formula, then move to it completely. I used similac pro advanced, cause that’s what I used for my son 9 years ago. My daughter got awful excema and constipation issues….the list goes on. Gas was awful!! I was talking to my sister about it and she recommended earths best! I started with the red can, and it was improving baby’s symptoms so much!! I switched to purple sensitive can and have been using since! No gas, no constipation, no excema!! I cannot express enough how amazing your product is and my daughter absolutely loves the formula! I have told everyone I know about your formula!! I have since started snacks and they are wonderful too. Just wanted to send some positivity to your company!