Starting Solids 6 months
Starting Solids

From 6 months

From 6 months, your little one can start to explore new foods which offer lots of nutrients, tastes + textures for tiny tummies. Explore our handy tips + guides below!

Finger food
Sweet and spice
tastes + textures
for tiny tummies
Play + learn with finger foods

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them + that goes for finger foods too! Let tiny hands explore super-soft veggie sticks (like cooked carrot + parsnip) and chopped mushy fruits (like mango + banana), perfect for developing great hand-eye coordination.

Spice is nice!

It is okay to incorporate flavorful spices and herbs into your little one's foods. For example, you can mix cumin into sweet potatoes, turmeric into rice or cilantro into avocados.

Trying new foods

Remember it can take 8-10 tries before your baby accepts a new food. Don't give up if your little one turns their nose up at broccoli! Keep offering the food to them. Mix it with one of their favorite foods to encourage them to continue trying it. Patience and persistence allow your little one to learn to love different tastes early on.

Potential allergens

The most up-to-date AAP Recommendations advise complementary foods, including potential allergens, can be offered to healthy infants (in the right consistency for your little one) after 4-6 months of age. Introducing and regularly feeding allergenic foods such as peanut (in the right format) during infancy may help reduce your baby's risk of developing a peanut allergy

Check with your pediatrician about how and when to give peanut products, as a testing for peanut allergy is recommended for babies with severe eczema and/or egg allergy.

Top tips from our experts

At Earth’s Best®, we work reeeally closely with experts in pediatrics + nutrition so that our yummy foods are the best for tiny tummies!

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Iron-rich foods

Offer meat, dark green veggies like spinach, kale or broccoli, or legumes like beans and lentils.


Introduce fully cooked eggs, fish, meat and legumes.


Try foods like pasteurized cheeses and yogurts and leafy greens like broccoli + kale.


Incorporate whole grains like pasta, rice, couscous + oats!

Recommended baby food

From 6 months, your little one can start to explore a variety of new foods which offer lots of nutrients, tastes + textures for tiny tummies.

Simple + Easy Recipes!

We've cooked up lots of quick + simple recipes for you + your little one to make at home! From very first tastes all the way to the big table, there's something tasty for the whole family to enjoy! Let’s eat!

6+ months recipes
Creamy brussel sprouts baby recipe
Parenting tips, meal plans + more

Read our helpful parenting advice and watch our nutrition tips videos to help you make the best decisions for your little one’s health + wellbeing.

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