Starting Solids Newborn
Starting Solids

Getting Ready to Start Solids

Ready to Start Solids? Most little ones will be ready to start solids at around 6 months old but every baby is different! Be sure to get the green light from your pediatrician before starting solids with your little one.

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Starting solids check list
Vegetable peeler

For all those yummy veggie first tastes!


A quick + easy way cook and soften yummy fruits and veggies.

Hand blender or food processor

To puree your little one’s food to the right texture.

Potato masher

For when you move on from puree to chunkier mashes.

Ice cube trays

For storing purees in the freezer in portions.

Freezer bags

For storing frozen puree cubes or finger foods.

Other essentials
  • High chair or booster seat.
  • Small baby silicone bowls and soft tip spoons (suction bowls and plates can be a great idea!)
  • Lots of wipes and cloths!
  • A messy mat or splash mat can come in handy for under the high chair.

Top tips from our experts

At Earth’s Best, we work reaaaally closely with experts in pediatrics + nutrition so that our yummy foods are the best for tiny tummies! Your little one might be ready to start solids when...

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Independent sitters

They sit up alone or with support.

Ready, Steady!

Hold their head and neck steady on their own.

Open wide!

Opens their mouth when food is offered.

Yum in the tum

Swallows food instead of pushing it out with their tongue.

Recommended baby food

Yummy First Tastes! Explore our super smooth baby food purees, the perfect taste and texture to introduce to your little one as they start solids.

Simple + Easy Recipes!

We've cooked up lots of quick + simple recipes for you + your little one to make at home! From very first tastes all the way to the big table, there's something tasty for the whole family to enjoy! Let’s eat!

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Parenting tips, meal plans + more

Read our helpful parenting advice and watch our nutrition tips videos to help you make the best decisions for your little one’s health + wellbeing

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