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Why Earth's Best

The good stuff Earth's Best® do

At Earth’s Best®, we know how important it is for all little ones to grow up loving good food! That’s why our mission is to only make nutritious + tasty food packed full of the best ingredients for tiny tums.

Our Food Philosophy
Good for little tummies

Good food really is at the heart of everything we do. We only use carefully sourced quality ingredients and always think hard about how to excite tiny taste buds and pack our foods full of positive nutrition that is just right for little ones.

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No artificial flavors

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Organic ingredients

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Organic farming practices

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About us

30 years of organic

Back in 1985, Earth’s Best® began as an organic baby food company based in Vermont. Ever since that date, we have maintained our commitment to use the best quality, ethically + sustainably sourced organic ingredients + make yummy foods that are just right for tiny tummies.

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Our growers

Good for the planet

At Earth’s Best®, we put the health + wellbeing of little ones and our planet at the heart of everything we do. That's why we only work with growers committed to sustainable farming practices.

Meet our organic growers
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At Earth’s Best®, we work reeeally closely with experts in pediatrics + nutrition so that our yummy foods are the best for tiny tummies!

Meet our experts
Reviews from the highchair

I was excited to try these as my youngest has just gotten some teeth and I'm trying to find snacks that all my kids will enjoy. These were a huge hit. Not only did my toddler ask for more, but my littlest one loved trying her new teeth on these cookies. The best part was, they dissolve quickly and are not nearly as messy as other cookies/biscuits we've tried. We will be absolutely stocking up with more!


My daughter really liked these. They’re perfectly sized for her to feed herself and for her to grab and hold onto. She enjoyed looking at the letters and we had fun saying each letter and trying to line them up and make words. They’re not that sweet or tasty but my daughter enjoyed them. She also enjoyed looking at the box and the Characters on the box.


My toddlers are big snackers so I’m always on the hunt for healthier options that they will eat. These are perfect. My 2 year old and 4 year old loves these. I like that they can also be used for learning since each cookie has a letter. The size is small so easy to put in snack containers and take on the go.

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