Our Growers

Our growers treat their crops with care. That ensures the best for your children.

Burch Farms

Bunch Farms

About the Farm

Burch Farms began in 1950 on a 35-acre field in Faison, North Carolina. Today the farm covers 2,500 acres. Jimmy, Bill and Ted Burch own the farm with Jimmy’s wife Theresa Burch and son Jimmy Burch Jr. Since the 1800’s, their family has worked in the fields and they don’t plan on stoppin’ anytime soon.

Why do the Burches love farming?

We feel good feeding babies the most nutritious vegetables grown in the world.

What do they grow for Earth’s Best®?

Sweet potatoes and butternut squash

The Burch Organic Process

After 3 years the North Carolina Crop Improvement Association (NCCIA) certified Burch Farms as organic growers. Organic farms do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, the Burch family maintains a high crop yield by using crop rotation and carefully harvesting vegetables only at the peak of flavor-generally 120 days from plant to pluck.

The above is a spotlight on Earth's Best® domestic farms and does not represent the entire purchasing practices for ingredients used in Earth’s Best® products which are sourced both domestically and internationally.